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Who We Are……

Total Plan Services Inc. (TPSI) is a Third Party Administrator that provides self-funded employee benefit programs to employers of all sizes throughout the United States.  Working with our brokers and through our nationwide partnerships with hospital and physician networks, TPS offers the highest quality healthcare plans at competitive rates.  These partnerships have been proven effective in designing, managing and administering employee benefit packages tailored to fit your organizations specific needs.

TPSI was founded in 1984, and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  Recently we have added a second office in Thomasville, Georgia. Licensed as a Third Party Administrator, TPSI administers self-funded and fully-insured medical plans, including life, AD&D, dental, vision, short term disability, Section 125 flexible benefit plans, consumer driven health plans to include HSA's and HRA's along with Pre-tax Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans. 

We excel in:
  • Providing cost effective employee health plans
  • Delivering unparalleled level of personalized service
  • Operational and technical expertise in claim reporting and medical management
  • Solutions empowering you to control and manage the rising costs of healthcare
We Understand, We Listen……

Over the past 30+ years, our dedicated employees, and their “Service First” standards of excellence, have contributed to Total Plan Service’s performance leadership while embracing our state-of-the-art technological merits represented in our strategic business model.

Total Plan Services has captured the attention of industry leaders and clients, who have recognized our dedication and commitment to managing the rising cost of healthcare.  At Total Plan Services, we share in the understanding, knowledge, and experience required for our customers to take control of the premiums they pay for the healthcare they receive.  We do so by incorporating our:

  • OPERATIONAL EXPERTISE:  Total Plan Services administrative services, (in our fully-insured as well as self-funded programs), combine highly trained and dedicated individuals, along with LuminX LX technology, to remain on the leading edge of service and performance.

  • PRODUCT LEADERSHIP: At Total Plan Services, we align our 30+ years of management infrastructure with partnerships, products, and services, uniquely designed to manage your healthcare dollars through medical management savings.

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: At Total Plan Services, we apply a front line approach combining personal communication and technology to ensure the highest standards and efficiency and effectiveness in the prompt delivery of self funded proposals including Aggregate Only options for groups of 5+ lives, claim adjudication, and customer service.

Recognizing the value in establishing long-term relationships, at Total Plan Services, we pride ourselves on our tenured and dedicated employees, who continually raise the bar on the level of quality, efficiency, and responsiveness they provide to our customers.