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Self Funded Program
Reduce the claims, Reduce the claim dollars... Control the claims, Control the claim dollars.

At Total Plan Services, we deliver Self Funded health plans and process Medical, Dental, Rx,and Vision claims utilizing LuminX technology. This state-of-the-art software is customized to our clients' individual needs and requirements which are created for their specific plan of benefits. Our on-line Administration module through EBIX Health provides claim and eligibility information real-time and it's enrollment capability makes HR administration more efficient and effective. 

At Total Plan Services, our Self Funded health plans are designed to offer a specific plan of benefits which include medical management, cost control, accountability, comprehensive coverage, and quality of care. Our plans reward positive change utilizing our medical, disease management, and wellness partners.

Our goal at TPSI is simple: Create a health plan specifically designed to control the rising cost of healthcare. In doing so, we target savings from both a clinical as well as financial standpoint. Savings which are specific to both the patient as well as the health plan.


  • You have the flexibility to create a specific plan design to address the specific needs of your health plan.
  • Through Medical and Disease Management, Wellness, and Claim Management Reporting you take control of the rising cost of healthcare.
  • Profit margins that are typically built into the insurance companies fully-insured health plans are now returned into your organization's self-funded health plan.